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Meaning of annotated bibliography

By the term Annotated bibliography we mean a citations list to articles, books and different documents. Each of the citation is supported by a brief evaluative and descriptive paragraph which is the annotation which is usually about 150 words. The annotation’s objective is to make the reader informed about the quality, accuracy, and the relevance of the sources that are cited. Each entry’s summary is given by annotated bibliography. The main objective of the annotations is to provide the reader with the relevant summary and each source’s evaluation. Each summary should give the reader a general idea of the content of the source and it should be brief exposition of central idea(s) of the source. Depending on which type of the annotated bibliography is the fields of it may vary. The content and pattern may also differ according to the instructions by the instructor of the school or college. Further, the annotated bibliography has many components as all the fields must be used at once. Depending on which type of the annotated bibliography is the fields of it may vary. The main components are

The main components are:-

Complete bibliographic citation - it should contain all the necessary information like author, publisher, date etc.

Work purpose - reasons of the work should be mentioned.

Author's background - Mentioning the name, qualification and experience.

Work's scope - The entire detail of the coverage including topics and sub-topics.

Main argument - Main points or headings.

Audience - For whom it is being written

Methodology -mentioning the methodology and research methods

Apart from these components it also includes sources, viewpoint, reliability, conclusion, features, strengths and weaknesses, comparison and lastly personal conclusion or your voice.

How to write best quality annotated bibliography

It demands for the application and execution of a variety of intellectual skills and competence to create an annotated bibliography namely, concise exposition, informed research of the library and succinct analysis. Firstly, the student needs to locate the citations from the books, documents and periodicals that may filled with useful information and the ideas on the specific topic. Brief review and examination should be conducted of the actual items. Then one needs to choose those pieces of works that provides different perspectives on the selected topic. Cite the document, book or the article by making use of the appropriate style. Further, the student needs to write an annotation which should be concise in which the central theme and scope of the book or document is summarized. Then inclusion of one or more sentences

(a) for the evaluation of the background or the authority of the author,

(b) for commenting on the targeted audience,

(c) for comparing or contrasting this particular work with another that the student has cited or

(d) for explaining how this work is going to illuminate the bibliographic topic, should be done by the student in order create best quality work of Annotated bibliography. This is how annotated bibliography is created systematically by the student or any person.

Why students need help in writing annotated bibliography

Annotated bibliography as we have discussed is an organized list of sources, it is different from the straightforward bibliography in which each reference is being followed by an annotation of paragraph length, normally 100-200 words. It has different purposes depending upon the type of assignment namely – providing a subject specific literature review, help to form subject wise thesis, demonstrating the subject wise research, providing examples of all the major sources of valuable information etc. also there are two types of annotated bibliographies namely –

(1) Informative or descriptive and

(2) Analytical or critical.

Therefore, we have observed that creating an annotated bibliography is not as easy task as it looks like. As it is different from the traditional bibliography, this fact makes it more tricky and complex to complete it without an error. Often seen that students are making errors in conducting this bibliography as they have never done this task before and this stuff is totally new to them which demands expert advice for its smooth completion. Special care should be given on choosing the sources of information before starting to write the annotated bibliography, and then if the review process is not done properly then it leads to errors. Review process provides a range of varied perspectives. Articles abstract proves helpful in this process and then it comes the writing of citation and annotation which includes the purpose, content, audience type, topic etc. All these complex procedures in order to complete the Annotated bibliography must be completed in the guidance of an expert and that’s where the need for help of an expert comes into existence.

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