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Case Studies and Analysis

Case studies generally refer and relate to a detailed examination and in depth study with reference to a person, situation or a group or a phenomenon in order to develop a more deep understanding of the issues that have been dealt in relation to the person or situation under consideration. Case studies are conducted in almost every discipline of study but most commonly they are found in the social science branch of study. Thus the utility of case study is reflected in the sense that it enables the reader to gain knowledge about the core points that have key significance in their existence. The cases are studied, analyzed in the current prospective and then suitable interpretations are drawn which can be implemented in real life context and situations. Thus, the main focus in case study and its analysis is to simplify a complex issue or situation which has a historical relevance and how the conclusions of the cases are relevant and applicable in the present modern scenario. In context to individuals and organisation, case study and its analysis provides information about its success strategies and causes of failure and how the organisation managed to overcome both the situations.

Case studies and its analysis is basically qualitative research and include the explorations content. The case study of a corporate includes a brief overview about the historical facts of the company and the elements which are essential for its operations and how these elements contributed to the success journey and process of failure.

Writing a best quality Case Studies and Analysis

A best quality Case Study and Analysis a lot more depends on the researching capabilities of the student that how deeply he has understood the concept of the cases and in which direction he is going to conduct his research. Correct catching of the key points or emphasizing points helps in concluding the case study analysis more accurate towards desired results. The following four steps provide a framework for preparing an effective case study and analysis assignment:

The first and foremost step is to critically determining the question of research and defining it carefully. ‘HOW' and ‘WHY' are the possible starting words for devising the case study research question.

Choosing the case for study and collecting data for research along with the proper analysis techniques to be used. Well planned studies mentions the various choices for studying the case along with the analysis method that can be opted for studying the case. It is advisable that more than one method of studying and analyzing case should be provided as it leads to more reliable outcomes of the case study.

Selecting the suitable data collection method because case study involves extensive data and it needs to be effectively handled as only the data of key importance should be addressed. Multiple methods will enable the researcher to build questions that would concentrate on the chief aspects of case study and more comprehensive analysis is possible.

The last step is adequate analysis of data of the case study so that all the core elements are linked to one another presenting the chain of thoughts and interpretation of applicable results.

Reasons students need help in writing Case Studies and Analysis

There are several reasons which show that writing case studies assignment by students in every university and college is a much more difficult task than it sounds to be. The major reasons are as follows-

Poor understanding - Case study involves high level and deep investigation and study of the case that is to be considered. Evaluating the pros and cons of each point of the case requires real brainstorming. Thus, students are confused about what points of the case should be included and they end up writing irrelevant matter according to their understanding.

Difficulty in generalization - students are not able to generalize the findings and outcomes of the case study assignments as they face difficulty in the analysis part. Generalization is important because it enables to prove the significance the case study results and how they are valid in the real context when they are applied in a general sense.

Selection of case to be studied - students on the basis of their own discretionary abilities are not able to decide what will be the most suitable case that should be adopted for carrying out the study on a particular area or subject. This leads to wastage of time as the primary research starts with the wrong objective by adopting case that is totally different from the given topic of study.

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