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Essay writing - An Art of Writing

Essay in general terminology is meant as expression of one's own thoughts about a particular topic, issue, problem etc. It tries to reflect a person's views about a situation. The views reflected in an essay are purely based on one's own discretion. Essay writing is not as easy as it looks like. It contains many key areas where one has to work upon. So it is considered as a step by step process where one can learn a lot.

In an essay the flow of sentences should be maintained properly. The thought or views expressed should be well connected with the previous view or thought mentioned in the essay. There should be complete chain of thoughts linking the previous one to the one followed.

Basically, an essay contains four to five major key areas which are as follows-

  1. An introduction part
  2. The main body of the essay which focuses on the main topic, issue, or the subject.
  3. Some views and arguments in favor and against the topic which shows one understand about the topic.
  4. A conclusion which ends on a healthy note stating some preventive measures which one should undertake to avoid the problem or the issue said in the topic.

Starting with the first point i.e. introduction part.

The introduction part is considered as the first glimpse of the topic which a reader has when he or she first sees the topic or the title.

So an effective starting renders a great impact on the minds of the prospective readers. But focusing too much on the introduction part reduces the word limit for the main body. So one should try to give a general idea about what the topic is about and how we wish to deal with the concerned topic. Also, to make the essay impressive we can start the essay from the quotes and comments of great thinkers. This generates reader's interest while reading the essay. We can also mention some facts from history depending about the background of the essay. But the main thing to be focused upon is that it should be kept sweet and simple. One or two paragraph is enough for introductory part.

Main body of essay - a detailed insight into what the topic is about.

Essay is considered as expression of one's own thoughts but mere own thoughts with no stable proof from an authorized resource questions the authenticity of the essay. So essay should be viewed as a mixture of personal views and facts from a certified source. The sources can be researches or publications of renowned and famous authors. But it should be well kept in mind that mere presenting these facts or quotes is not enough. Try to elaborate the meaning in your own sense because the reader wants to know the writer understands of the topic.

Conclusion of essay

Essay should be concluded on a healthy and positive note which devises the ways on how a problem can be overcome. Some preventive measures can be suggested to overcome the problem. It should give writer a pleasure in reading from staring till the end. Reader should be bound while reading the essay as if everything is happening in front of him.

Do's and don'ts of essay writing-

If one wants to write an appealing essay he or she has to follow some major dos and don'ts while writing essay.

The things one has to do are as follows-

  1. The first and foremost requirement is that the essay should be easy to read and understand. Using too many hard and extra words spoils the taste of the reader. Since every person has its own level of understanding the essay should be written in easy and simple language.
  2. Also, we should take care that we remain intact to our main topic. We should not write anything that comes to our mind. Whatever we are writing should have relevance with the topic.
  3. Another important thing to be kept in mind is that when we change our paragraph it should be well and properly connected to the previous one because if it is not connected it breaks the chain of thoughts that the reader has developed in his mind while reading the essay.
  4. Mentioning of examples from the relevant field is also required for good essay writing. Examples can be of own but if they are from an authorized source it helps to support that readers will be quiet more interested in reading the essay.
  5. We should also try to use sophisticated words where we can because it not only reflects our expertise but it also shows our maturity level. No doubt, using simple words is good but using the correct synonym for an easy word acts like adding salt to a dish which increases its taste and increases readers interest in reading the essay.
  6. Simple sentences should be used in place of complicated, hard and complex sentences because when we use these types of sentences there a lot more chances of grammatical mistakes.
  7. Also, word limit of essay should be kept in mind. Proper division of words in order of their importance should be done. Care must be taken that main body or the main subject matter should get enough space in the essay.
  8. And last but not the least essay should be written when we really want to write it because our mind should be calm, focused, free and open to receive new thoughts and ideas which will not come if we are in tension or not in a mood, condition to write.

The don'ts of essay writing are as follows-

Essay is considered as expression of ideas supported with facts and figures. But too much relying on facts can lead the essay boring to read. Readers do not communicate with the essay when it contains too much facts, figures and statistics. It decreases their interest as they have to put a lot of efforts in analyzing the information. Sometimes this becomes too time-consuming and hence the reader tries to avoid reading these types of essays.

One of the most important points to be kept in mind while writing essays is one should always avoid plagiarism. It is a type of copyright issue in which we take other authors or writer's content as it is without their permission and putting our name to it. It's a legal offense and we can be penalized for it. Further, it leads to cancellation of our subject matter. So, proper care should be taken to avoid plagiarism.

Also, mistakes of tenses generally occur while writing essays. We should change our tense according to situation. For e.g. quotes from famous writers should be said in past tense but their interpretation should be done in present tense

Again, essays are addressed to general public. They are not addressed to a particular person. So try to avoid using second person words like you. Instead use general words like one, we etc. If we use direct pointing words the reader may think that the essay is written by focusing on people like them.

Always keep in mind the word limit of the essay because if the essay exceeds its word limit it is considered as if the writer is not able to properly summarize his ideas in a concise and precise manner. It gives an impression to the reader that the writer is not able to decide what has to be written and what not. That the writer has tried to write everythingthat he knew about the topic.

While writing essay one should not use words which reflects negativity or uses negative language because this makes the user focus on the negative aspect rather than the point which is being discussed over there.

We should try to avoid improper formatting. Proper attention should be laid on minute formatting details like size of font used, margins, size of paper etc. because it shows the reader that the writer is unprofessional and does not have basic knowledge about how to make a document presentable.

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