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What is literature Review?

Literature Review in general is referred to as a comprehensive textual material of a research paper, an essay, a thesis or dissertation which is prepared at college and university level. It basically relates to searching, evaluating and analyzing the literature and theories that are available for the current topic of research or which surrounds the area of research. It provides a brief documentation with respect to the topic or area which we will be writing in our research. Thus, Literature review provides an account of what are the thoughts of scholarly researchers about the particular topic that has been chosen and how we relate such thoughts and ideas of the authors with the current perspective and the modern scenarios, thus, the main aim of literature review is to enhance the existing knowledge about a particular topic by including substantial findings, theories and methods which contribute to advancing of the available research theory or material. Literature Review are considered as secondary sources as they do not provide something new to the research theory but analyses the existing theories, thoughts and ideas of the research scholars. It forms a basic part of any research, scholarly essay or dissertation as without this there is no significance of the whole research.

The main purpose of literature review is that the writer is able to convey what ideas and thoughts have been established on the available topic and what are the strong and weak points of the given literature review. It should be remembered that literature review is not mere writing of descriptive facts, literary material or a summary of what a particular researcher has proposed. Literature review should be properly defined by a suitable guiding factor i.e. the main objectives of the research, the core issues and problems that the research focuses upon or an argument that needs to be proved or disapproved. Apart from enhancing knowledge about the research topic, literature review helps a writer or researcher to improve and showcase his skills in two basic area of writing:

Information extraction ability - How to extract useful information by scanning the existing literature available both online and offline and also identifying the article and books that have key utility for the research.

Ability of critical appraising - This helps in applying and using the analysis of principles for differentiating between biased and unbiased studies and their proper validity.

Thus the four main objectives or Literature review are as follows -

The literature review should directly aim towards the objective or the question of the research for which the research is being conducted. In short, it examines the literature that is currently available for our given topic.

It briefs the main information that has been dealt in the detailed literature review of other authors in a short summary emphasizing what is adequate and what has been missed in the already existing literature review.

The analysis of existing theories and research regarding what are their limitations and drawback and which are the areas in which further research can be conducted

To resolve controversies by providing an improved research

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