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What is Research Reports

The research report is the document which is prepared by a strategist or an analyst and it focuses on specific sector, reign, commodity, currency and instrument. It contains basic aspects of research project or assignment. In the simplest terms it is the systematic presentation of research work in written format. It can be either in computerized form or hand written. It is an efficient medium to communicate the work of research to material persons. Preparation of research report is not a very simple task as it requires huge experience and great knowledge about the topic. It needs considerable resources both in terms of money and time.

Key issues to be considered while preparing a research report

The objective of the research should be kept in mind while preparing a research report. Along with it the nature of research, size of report work, end users of research and contents of report should be considered while preparing a research report. The other key issues are form of writing (computerized or hand written), order of content of report and pattern of writing report including paragraph, font size, coloring etc.

Format of research reports

A specific format for research report cannot be described. It depends on various variables. Research report should be attractive and carefully bounded and systematically written. It must use of systematic format according to the reliability of users. A research report is basically divided into three parts; formality part, central part of report and appendix. The formality part or first part includes cover page, index, and table of content, summary report, acknowledgement and preface. The main part includes statement of objective, interpretations and analysis, findings and other relevant details of research. The last part appendix contains additional information such as copy of questionnaire and statement of expenses.

How to write best quality and effective research reports?

The report should be succinct and concise. It should completely focus the main subject of research and it should be stimulating and compelling in reading. The structure of report should be in specific format as described above. Order of writing of research report need also be systematic. A good research title should be mentioned. Writing a good research paper title is an important aspect of research. It looks like a simple task but requires lots of efforts. Some of the basic tips which are needed to keep in mind at the time of selecting the title are: keep it attractive and simple, try to avoid jargons and abbreviations and eye catching. Writing a title is not a very difficult task if a systematic procedure is used. It should start from analysis and interpretation followed by methods and introduction and end with an executive summary. Introduction plays a key role in research report; it catches the attention of reader and depicts the structure of argument of research. Editing is a pre requirement in every research report. It should be done carefully to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding. A good research report should be concise and to the point. All the significant points of each paragraph should be clearly defined. Complex and long sentences created misunderstandings thus they need to be avoided. Layout of research report is also important. Unattractive layouts impede the interest of reader. To avoid this, adequate numbering and heading need to be provided in report. Use of diagrams and tables also make report easy to convey and interesting. Summarizing the main idea is necessary as it provide the overview of research.

Why students need help in writing a research report?

The research provides better understanding of the chosen topic. The way to convey the information differs from person to person. The upper level courses expects from students to write quality report. The research report is the brief summary of research paper. The research paper should effectively organize and should not contain any grammar mistakes. The basic purpose of research paper is to broaden the knowledge of student on certain topic and to gain experiences of documenting information. The research paper is graded on account of grammar, content, writing style and writing ability and to create a good research report a thorough reading of research paper is required. It requires lot of skills which requires sedulous efforts. We help students to prepare research paper in both analytical and historical format. It turns out to be supportive for students to understand the research paper and save time for other different activities. The grading of research paper is done on the basis of paper content, missing content, paper length, number of sources, introduction and conclusion, grammar and references. The content of paper should be pertinent to the topic and should not be of poor quality. Efficacious writing style of student also plays a pivotal role in good grading of students. The good research report demands intensive knowledge of research papers. We help students on project based learning by providing them easy to understand solution so that they can develop their skills in highly competitive technological market.

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