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A thesis statement is generally referred to as a short one line statement which summarizes or expresses the core point of an essay or a paper of research and the particular thesis statement is developed and properly explained with adequate support from evidences from previous research and examples from current scenario. The thesis statement normally appears at the end part of the introductory paragraph of the research paper and it focuses on how the approaches in the given thesis are aimed to prove the significance of the given statement. The main purpose of a thesis statement is that it should be able to deliver and convey the researcher's idea to readers that why the particular thesis is written and what the writer wants to implement through the given thesis. It helps in proving or disapproving the utility of an existing research paper as it is the basic foundation for which a research paper is designed.

The thesis statement should be carefully and well drafted as the entire paper and all its findings and recommendations will revolve around the thesis statement. The findings should be done by keeping in mind the thesis statement. The suggestions and recommendations should be provided by emphasizing the utility of thesis statement. Thus, the main advantage of having a thesis statement is that the whole analysis, evaluation, comparison, argumentation, interpreting of results or establishing a cause is carried by basing the thesis statement as the centre of all concerns.

Writing a perfect thesis statement

Writing a quality thesis statement is not an easy task. As the thesis statement is the most important part of a research paper it should be properly researched and before stating it should be checked that whether the thesis statement relates to the research paper. The four key points which will help an individual or a student to write a high quality thesis statement are:
Assertive - An assertive thesis statement clearly explains what the researcher intends to prove in his research paper. Strong thesis statement aids to clearly conveying the idea and objectives for which the particular thesis has been written. Whatever may be the conclusions of the thesis under consideration, the thesis statement should hold a strong relevance.

Singularity - the main point to be kept in mind while writing a thesis statement is that it should focus on one single idea in order to keep the purpose of the research paper focused. Involving too many thought and ideas would reduce the reliability of the research paper. Also the research directions would be dispersed as the there are many factors to be considered. Thus the prime objective should be to keep the thesis statement single so that the research is based on one unique idea and all important facts related to that idea are considered.

Specified - the major requirement for a more attention grasping thesis statement is it should be kept simple and specific to the idea to which it basically pinpoints. A single sentence would fulfill the purpose but two lines explanation is also acceptable but mentioning in paragraphs should be avoided as the reader irritates because he has to search in the paragraph what is the real idea for which the particular thesis is been written.

Proper positioning - Positioning of the thesis statement also plays a vital role in presenting a best quality thesis statement as putting it anywhere in the text would decrease its suitability. Thus, it is advisable that the thesis statement should be placed at the end of the introductory paragraph.

Reasons why student need help in writing thesis statements

Thesis writing is not a layman's task. It requires concentrated intellectual thinking so that the chief idea of thesis can be effectively communicated. Considering the level of students it is quite difficult for them as they might not be able to catch the idea which needs to be discussed in the thesis. The major reasons for why students need help in writing thesis statement are as follows-

Thesis statement is considered as the most important part of any thesis. Thus students generally face difficulties in searching for an appropriate thesis statement that can effectively relate to the main aspects or core areas of the thesis. This connection is necessary so that the reader or the professor can correlate the points or the topics that are discussed in the thesis by the student to the overall objective of thesis. Thus finding a suitable thesis statement which proves the relevance of the thesis study is essential.

Another problem faced by student relates with supporting of thesis statement with required facts and figures. Student is often confused with information that is quite similar and suitable to the thesis topic and thus unable to devise an ideally fit thesis statement.

Revising the existing thesis statement also appears as a major problem because the students have to decide what additions can be made to the existing thesis statement.

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