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Topic outline

Topic outline is a list of phrases and words. It does not include complete sentences. Topic outline is a systematic and hierarchical structure of a sequence which contains heading of main points and sub points. It provides a quick and brief detail of topics which is included in subject matter. It provides an overview about how the topic would progress and what necessary action has been taken. In simple terms, it is a list which is used to systematically organize the topics to be covered and the manner of their presentation.

Topic outline is the blueprint of the whole document. It helps to organize the document and present it in effective way. It is a tool to summarize the speech or project. Outline can be both formal and informal

I. How to write best quality topic and outline

There are various methods for outline of topic from which MLA method is most effective method. The formatting includes following characters: numerical, roman numbers, alphabets and bullets. To outline a topic place the main point at the beginning followed by supporting ideas and if required further sub division of supporting ideas. The outline page should include the following:

  1. Title of page 
  2. Main points or headings indicated by numbers
  3. Sub points indicated by alphabets

The format should be as follows:

Table of Contents
Type chapter title (level 1) 1
Type chapter title (level 2) 2
Type chapter title (level 3) 3
Type chapter title (level 1) 4
Type chapter title (level 2) 5
Type chapter title (level 3) 6

Full sentence outline and decimal outline

The full sentence outline is quite same as alphabetic outline. The major difference in both of them is that the former is required at every level of outline. The benefit in decimal outline is that it clearly depicts the relation of every level of outline with complete document.

II. Why do students need help in writing Topic outline?

Outlining requires writer to clearly categories main points, sub points in support of main points and further sub divisions. Outlining helps writing to not get struck while documenting.

Outlining help student to effectively present their ideas related to project in a tabular format. The paragraph consists of an idea sentence and supporting comment/detail. The ability to identify the main idea is important factor in any document. The main idea of paragraph is usually figure out by stringing together multiple statements which gives that idea. It is something like an umbrella idea, all the other sub points or supporting details comes under that main idea. Supporting details may be consisting of evidences, factual information, illustrations, examples, etc. The ability to present the entire main idea and support ideas shows the skill of writer. Students need to perfectly understand what skills they require in order to write best quality and outline. Most student skip the outlining step in the beginning because of the difficulty to make a rough draft before starting the document, however this is a major mistake.

Outline needs to be done before starting the document. This requires lots of skills such as brainstorming, editing, drafting etc. learning to outline the document is not only helpful for students in their education but it but it also helpful for professional in workplace for effective communication. Some students may not be able to do these deep research it requires intensive brainstorming. Outlining requires several strategies for organizing and presenting topic. We can help students to identify central points and supporting details of document.

III. Best online custom writing help service for topic and outline

To format outline students need to identify the main idea which can be determined by answering some useful questions; what is idea which is consistently referred throughout the passage and what is the point which is connected to all those ideas. We help students to write outline for paper. Our experts do intensive reading and deep research of the paragraph before making an outline. The main parts of the document which should include in outline are introduction, content and the conclusion. Introduction basically provides an idea of central point which is described in the paragraph; it depicts the purpose of your research. Main content is the series of paragraph which is connected with each other through a logical idea flow. Such ideas are called central point of topic. Conclusions summarize the document as it restates the document.

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